Jets N Guns Game Cheats

While playing the game press ~ (tilde) to display the console window
then type any of the following cheat codes:

If you have a QUERTZ keyboard press ^ to bring up the console window.

Codes - Cheat effect:
arnold_for_president 1 - Enable invincibility mode.
arnold_for_president 0 - Disable invincibility mode.
keep_cool 1 - Enable infinite cooling for ships.
keep_cool 0 - Disable infinite cooling for ships.
power_to_the_people 1 - Enable increased weapon damage.
power_to_the_people 0 - Disable increased weapon damage.
veni_vidi_vici - Instantly win current level.
richman # - Get the indicated amount of money. (where # is a number)
Game Cheats

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