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Xpand Rally is a game with stunning photorealistic landscapes and a great driving physics. Realistic weather effects, hills, and animated scenery all add to the visual realization of the game. The game even features realistic "damage" to his car. Good luck with the leadership that broke the windshield.

Xpand Rally not only look good, play well and a lot of fun. Race through the various courses to earn money and improve your car for better performance. Buy pieces of fantasy is not enough, though. It is necessary to learn to modify their uprades propel yourself to victory in each race.

Realistic physics

If you want realism, put the game in simulation mode. Careful driving will be necessary, the physics of the game to respond to all types of impacts and oversteer. Tone down a notch with the arcade mode if you just want to get used to the game and not worry about every little mistake made at the wheel.

If you like rally racing and wants a break from the channels of overcrowding, Xpand Rally is highly recommended. Try free download version of the game and enjoy!

The full version of Xpand Rally includes:
  • Two driving modes: Arcade and Simulation
  • Customize a variety of settings car
  • Career Mode: AI competition times, more than 70 runs in 5 stages diversified, more than 35 sports cars in 8 divisions, and more than 800 tuning parts for all cars
  • 3 challenging multiplayer modes: Rally, Rally Cross, and Free Style!
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